It Can Actually Help [Target Audience] [Solve Problem]

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Don’t try to sell your book or course here.  This is all about becoming an authority – you need to prove to your readers that you’re an expert in your field and you know what you’re talking about.

So keep each article to a single topic.  Explain a problem, and show people how you fix it.  Give them an action plan they can do themselves.

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[Concept] Isn’t Just for [Other Audience].

(And how you can use it to [get benefit] in as little as [timeframe]…)

This is where to put your article.

[Problem] is Bad Because [Reasons]

When you’re writing web copy it is a good idea not to make your paragraphs too long. One to 3 sentences,  and then some whitespace is usually enough. That way, people can read your content easier. 

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But Why is [Competitor] the Wrong Solution?

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[Concept or Product]

It Just Works.

You don’t need to use a conclusion in your articles, but it can be a nice way to summarise everything you’ve said, and many readers look for a conclusion when the start reading to get a sense of where the article is headed.

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